Kira Trevino was involved romantically with another man when she vanished, complaint says

Kira had divorce papers in her purse when she vanished, investigators say.
Kira had divorce papers in her purse when she vanished, investigators say.

A criminal complaint amended following the discovery of Kira Trevino's body last week indicates the extent to which her marriage was on the rocks with Jeffrey Trevino at the time of her disappearance.

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According to the complaint, when she went missing, Kira had blank divorce forms in her purse and a piece of paper with the address of a Maple Grove man she'd been seeing romantically in her car.

On the last night she was seen alive (February 21), Trevino exchanged "numerous" texts with the Maple Grove man, the Star Tribune, citing the complaint, reports. The complaint says Kira was planning to move out of the apartment she shared with Jeffrey and into her own place on April 1, and Kira had already stopped "including her husband in social and family activities," the complaint says.

Jeffrey wasn't happy about it. One of his friends characterized him as "stressed and consumed" with what his wife was up to, the Pioneer Press, citing the complaint, reports.

The complaint also indicates investigators had their suspicions about Jeffrey Trevino from the beginning.

On February 24, Kira was reported missing, and authorities went to the couple's apartment. Investigators described Trevino as being "upset that more officers had arrived," the complaint says.

"At the end of the conversation... Trevino asked what he was supposed to do with Steger's belongings," the complaint continues. "[I]nvestigators thought this was an odd question as, at that point, Ms. Steger had only been missing just over 48 hours... The question suggested that Trevino did not expect his wife to return."

As Trevino's neighborhood was combed for evidence about Kira's whereabouts the following day, Jeffrey acted "nonchalantly," the complaint says. He told investigators his plans for the evening included "going to dinner" and possibly catching a movie.

Jeffrey Trevino is scheduled to make a court appearance today. His second-degree murder trial is scheduled to begin later this month, but it could be pushed back since Kira's body was found so recently (UPDATE -- Jeffrey Trevino's trial has officially been pushed back to a July 22 start date).

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