Kira Steger's funeral this weekend: "Now she will finally be in peace"

Kira Steger's funeral this weekend: "Now she will finally be in peace"

For five months after police found Kira Steger in the Mississippi River, her body sat in the morgue while her husband, Jeffrey Trevino, awaited trial for her murder.

Earlier this month, jurors convicted him. This Saturday, Steger's family will finally lay her to rest.

"We didn't know when we'd be able to get her body back, for the longest time," says Marcie Steger, Kira's mother. "It really was difficult for myself and for her brothers and sisters, her being in the morgue that long."

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The family is holding a memorial for Kira, 30, at St. Mark's Catholic Church in Rothschild, Wisconsin, where Marcie has long attended; Kira was baptized and confirmed there. Following an hour-long visitation, which will begin at 11:30 a.m., there will be a funeral mass and procession to St. Michael's Cemetery. Kira's ashes will be buried next to her great-great-grandfather, great-great-grandmother, and great-uncle.

The memorial is open to anyone. "I'm sure there will be people," Marcie says, remembering how many supporters turned out to search for Kira between the end of February, when she first went missing, and May, when police found her body. "If it's anything like the searches, hundreds of people were there."

Marcie says that, even at her funeral, Kira would have wanted people to be positive. "People can grieve the way that they need to, but she wouldn't want them to be sad for a long time," Marcie explains. "I don't know if celebration's the word, but Kira would want it to be more upbeat."

The family will donate anything given for a memorial, and a portion of the donations will go to the Women's Community in Wausau, Wisconsin, an organization devoted to victims of domestic abuse.

"The entire year has been just, indescribable really," says Marcie. "But I think it will help with some kind of closure. I know she's in heaven, but now she will finally be in peace."

Memorial information:
St. Mark's Catholic Church
602 Military Road, Rothschild, Wisconsin
Saturday, October 26
Visitation 11:30-12:30
Funeral starting at 12:30
Funeral mass and procession followed by lunch

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