Kimberly Voelker, McDonald's manager, allegedly sexually abused two teenage employees

Confronted by police, Voelker admitted she "went too far."
Confronted by police, Voelker admitted she "went too far."

43-year-old Kimberly Voelker is accused of lovin' two teenage employees she managed at the Red Wing McDonald's a little too much.

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Voelker faces two felony of counts of criminal sexual conduct by a person in a position of authority and one misdemeanor count of fifth-degree non-consensual conduct for allegedly touching the butts and crotches of two 16-year-old male employees.

The teens' parents brought their concerns about Volker's behavior to another manager, and from there, McDonald's instigated a criminal investigation.

More from KARE:

Both victims told investigators that Voelker walked up behind them when they were working, squeezed their buttocks and touched their genitals over their clothing...

Police say when they questioned Voelker she told them she swears and tells dirty jokes. "I can honestly say I probably went too far," she said in a recorded interview.

Detectives say she admitted to touching the boys inappropriately and simulating sex acts that made them uncomfortable. Voelker allegedly told them that the teens were "good kids," and added "I can't believe I'm that stupid."

Poor kids. As if working at McDonald's isn't bad enough as it is.

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