Kimberly Dover Allegedly Stole Months of Government Benefits, Police Say


She may not be on the level of the infamous Chisholms, but police still say that Kimberly Dover managed to steal thousands from the government.

According to police, the whole charade happened over the course of four months in Wabasha County, starting in November 2013. Dover was receiving benefits from the state of Illinois -- benefits she said were to expire at the beginning of November, police say. Those benefits were supposed to be replaced with food stamps and health insurance from Minnesota.

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But instead, the criminal complaint reads, both states just kept giving Dover money. Dover, in effect, two-timed the system, they say, with Minnesota and Illinois completely unaware of what was happening. It wasn't until March 2014 that the two states compared notes and discovered where things went wrong. Dover made her way into a courtroom this week on felony charges of wrongfully obtaining public assistance, but her trial won't be heard until December.

The cost of the whole thing? More than $7,000 (though the county attorney says that number could change).

If true, the charge is bad. But it's not even close to the worst kind of government fraud we've seen over the past few months. That honor falls to Colin and Andrea Chisholm, who, as we've reported extensively, managed to allegedly steal more than $160,000 from the state -- all while living a life of luxury. It's put Andrea Chisholm in jail, with Colin potentially dealing with the same treatment once he faces trial in January.

In Dover's case, at least, she at least qualified for the benefits but allegedly just got them from a few different sources. We'll see if she can avoid the same fate.

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