Kid pricked student's fingers for science experiment, freaks out parents

Wednesday's five most fascinating stories on wood pulp:

Kid started pricking student's fingers for science experiment, freaks out parents
During a school's science fair, one student brought a fingersticking device and asked other students to try it. When school officials found out, they contacted students who had blood exposure and explained the school's infectious control plans. The best part is this parent's reaction and the Pioneer Press's response: "'What if the kid grabbed it out of the hazmat box at the doctor's office, or what if it came from a relative who actually has diabetes?' (Diabetes is not a communicable disease.)"

Green robber takes on TCF
Happy St. Patty's Day! A bank robber, wearing a green jacket (how festive!) came into a TCF Bank and left with an undisclosed amount of greens.

South High's Tayler Hill has one more chance at first
Minneapolis South has been the Class AAAA runner-up the past two seasons and can't accept another second-place finish. South's star player, Tayler Hill is finishing up her last season with the team and they are expected to take home the gold.

Evil Sara Jane Olson heading back to Minnesota, oh no!
The number of people screaming "Not in my backyard!" when Sara Jane Olson asked to serve her parole in Minnesota is ridiculous, but it didn't seem to matter. Olson will serve her time here anyway and Ramsey County correction officials could know today when she will arrive. Olson served seven years in California after she tried to blow up police cars and was part of a fatal bank robbery in the 1970s. Why is everyone freaking out about her? She lived for years completely innocently as a mom with a new life here.

Police try to intimidate gang riffraff at local malls
If you're going to flash your gang signs, head down to Block E instead. Police with the Metro Gang Strike Force were walking the local malls this weekend trying to scare gang members away. Officials say they arrest 30 known gang members during their sweep.

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