Khari Tillman accused of teaching nephew to roll blunts on YouTube

A 32-year-old Rosemount man is accused of sending his Blunt Rolling 101 lesson to his 15-year-old nephew viral.

After Khari Tillman gave the pointers, the two allegedly toked up together with the camera still rolling.

Child Protection Services discovered the video on YouTube and brought it to the attention of the Dakota County prosecutor, according to Fox 9.

Investigators quickly traced the video to Tillman, who was easily recognizable from the evidence he posted on the Internet.

A Fox 9 reporter took the trouble of confronting Tillman at his house. Tillman offers a classic non-denial/denial to the reporter when she asks about the video.

"Who knows?" asks Tillman. "They could have anything. I don't know what they have, I haven't seen it yet."

Tillman has been charged with five misdemeanors.

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