Khari Jerome Anse Tillman sentenced for videos showing nephew how to smoke pot

Khari Tillman.

Khari Tillman.

Remember Khari Jerome Anse Tillman? He's the 32-year-old guy from Rosemount who was prosecuted for posting a Blunt Rolling 101 lesson with his nephew via YouTube.

After pleading guilty to five misdemeanors, he's going to jail for 20 days for his stunningly bad debut as an online educator.


Tillman was his 15-year-old nephew's legal guardian when Child Protective Services found out about the videos in January 2010 and pointed the Dakota County Sheriff's office toward Tillman.

The videos are now pulled from YouTube, but according to the complaint, authorities found four clips that they took into evidence, including one called "Free Class."

In it, Tillman could be seen in a kitchen, showing his nephew how to make a "blunt" from a hollowed-out cigar. Both of them looked like they were under the influence. In another clip called "Karma," the two could be seen getting high.

When cops arrived at Tillman's home in April, he denied having anything to do with the drugs or the videos, and said he'd assumed the role of guardian for his nephew after the boy's mother had died six months earlier, in order to save him "from a life of drugs and crime."

Now Tillman's pleaded guilty to contributing to the delinquency of a child, a gross misdemeanor. Besides the jail sentence, he'll serve two years of probation.

From the criminal <a href="" target="_blank">complaint</a>. Click to enlarge.

From the criminal complaint. Click to enlarge.