KFAN fires Dubay after drug charges


KFAN has fired radio host Jeff Dubay two days after he was charged with felony drug possession, according to the Star Tribune.

Dubay was charged Wednesday with felony drug possession, accused of tossing crack cocaine and a pipe from his vehicle in Maplewood last week. Dubay had been the co-host of a mid-day show with Paul Allen for the past 10 years on the sports-talk station.

Mike Crusham, president and market manager for Clear Channel Minneapolis, which owns KFAN, confirmed Dubay's dismissal.

"I'm not going to comment on personnel issues, but he is no longer with the company," Crusham said. The move became obvious this morning when Allen was listed as the only host of what had been the "PA and Dubay" show on the KFAN website.

Dubay's attorney, Mark D. Kelly, offered the following statement on behalf of his client: "Jeff would like to take this opportunity to express his sincere gratitude to everybody who has expressed their support in his hour of need. With every crisis comes opportunity, and Jeff believes that given time, things will work out for the best."

Guilty before proven innocent. Public figures fall hard it seems.