KEYC Mankato anchor Annie Stensrud arrested for DWI

Annie Stensrud, the Mankato CBS-Fox affiliate reporter whose "drunk broadcast" went viral on YouTube was arrested last night for a DWI. According to Nicollet County Sheriff Dave Lange, Stensrud was stopped after someone called to report a possible drunk driver.

The arresting deputy didn't know it at the time, but he was about to pull over the internet's most famous slurring reporter.

Stensrud has been conspicuously absent from the air since the fateful broadcast earlier this month when she stumbled and slurred her way through several stories, before getting cut-off. Although neither Stensrud nor the station ever formally addressed whether or not she was drunk, everyone basically assumed she was.

Stensrud released a statement implying that medication and illness were the cause of her "terrible" performance, and was otherwise silent with the exception of a short post earlier this week on her Facebook page:

Thank you everybody for your words of support:) I hope to see you all as soon as possible!

Then last night, an anonymous caller tipped off Mankato Police that a vehicle was driving erratically and the driver might be drunk. The caller described the vehicle, and a Nicollet County Sheriff's deputy pulled it over on Highway 14. Stensrud was at the wheel.

According to Sheriff Lange, Stensrud was arrested for "probable cause DWI" and brought into the county jail. She was not held, nor did she have a mugshot taken, and no charges have been filed as of Thursday afternoon.

"Our results are still pending," says Lange.

Still, that's mighty rough going for a small town reporter who made the big time in such an utterly mortifying way. It appears that the station has scrubbed Stensrud's original broadcast from YouTube, however you can still catch David Letterman's Top-Ten send-up below, which includes chunks of her performance:

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