Kevin Thompson sentenced for forced-sex imprisonment

Bondage will soon take on a whole new meaning for Kevin Thompson. He's going to prison for his role in luring a man to his home near Grand Marais last May, tying him down and forcing him at gun and knife-point to have sex with his wife, Susan Thompson.

It was to be bizarre act of kinky revenge over the victim's affair with Susan. She lured the man to their home on the promise of a romp at Kevin's suggestion, the two testified. He was in the middle of undressing when Kevin Thompson appeared.

Armed with a crowbar, a knife, and a gun in his belt, Kevin tied up the hapless lover with duct tape and electric cord. Then he tied up his wife, too. And for eight or nine hours he presided over a physical and mental torture session that included forcing the man to have sex with his wife.

At one point she asked for a sex toy.

Yesterday, the victim got his own revenge in court, learning Kevin Thompson would spend three years behind bars, while Susan drew 10 years of probation.

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