Kevin Tegtmeier arrested for 14th DUI, called "menace to society"

Tegtmeier faces a felony charge after his 14th DUI arrest.
Tegtmeier faces a felony charge after his 14th DUI arrest.

Kevin Tegtmeier, 60, just can't stop drinking and driving.

Since 1987, Tegtmeier has been convicted of drunk driving in the counties of Anoka, Stevens, Clearwater, and Clay. And that's just in Minnesota. In North Dakota -- Tegtmeier now resides in West Fargo -- he's had at least five DUI arrests within the last seven years.

Tegtmeier was arrested once again last Friday night in Fargo after an officer noticed smoke billowing from under his car. Turns out his car's license plates were frauds -- Tegtmeier's license is suspended -- and a breathalyzer revealed that his blood alcohol was .251, more than three times the legal limit.

Tegtmeier could face five years in prison after being charged with felony DUI. He has 13 previous DUI convictions. Cass County Judge Wade Webb set his bail for $15,000 -- the highest ever DUI bail in the judge's history -- and ordered Tegtmeier to submit to twice-daily alcohol testing as a condition of pretrial release.

During yesterday's arraignment, prosecutor Cherie Clark said she believes Tegtmeier is "a menace to society."

"The only way to stop this gentleman from drinking is to keep him in custody" or make him submit to the twice-daily tests, she said.

A warrant for Tegtmeier's arrest was actually active at the time of last Friday's incident. According to the Fargo Forum, in December, he was cited for driving without insurance, leaving the scene of an accident, and driving without a license, but he never showed up in court, prompting authorities to issue a warrant for his arrest in March.

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