Kevin Olson, upset over line at St. Paul office, allegedly threatens to "blow this f**ker up"


We've all been there -- sorta.

Sure, it's no fun to get stuck in a long line when you're trying to run errands, but 55-year-old Kevin Olson allegedly got a whole lot angrier about that situation than the law allows just before noon Monday at the Social Security office on the eighth floor of the building at 190 Fifth St. E. in downtown St. Paul.

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The assistant district manager for the office told police that when Olson arrived, he asked how long he'd have to wait before being served. Apparently dissatisfied with the answer he received, Olson allegedly said, "I'll blow this fucker up."

The manager, apparently surprised by that remark, asked Olson if he really said that.

"Yes I did," Olson replied, according to the criminal complaint.

This led to a couple more followup questions. Asked where his bomb was, Olson said, "Downstairs." And with regard to whether there was anything dangerous in his backpack, Olson said, "Maybe."

Building security and administration decided to evacuate the building, which at the time contained about 60 employees and 60 clients.

The bomb squad later determined there was no real threat, and police arrested Olson, but not before he allegedly pushed an officer who was trying to apprehend him.

Olson claimed "he was going to blow the place up but he didn't have a bomb," the complaint says. Perhaps he believes he has superpowers?

"The defendant told police that he was a demolition expert in the military and that he could take care of all our court houses and headquarters," the complaint continues.

In addition to being a self-proclaimed demolition expert, Olson has a tragicomically long rap sheet, including convictions for trespassing, criminal damage to property, drug possession, check forgery, driving without a license, and parole violations. At least one other charge against him was pardoned so he could receive treatment for mental illness.

In a post-Miranda interview, Olson told police he merely told the assistant district manager at the Social Security office that he "wished somebody would blow this fucking place up," not that he was going to do so himself. Nonetheless, he's been charged with a felony count of making terroristic threats that could land him behind bars for three years.

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