Kevin Love's Twitter storm

You gotta wonder what sort of maxim John Wooden would create if he coached during the Twitter era: "Big thoughts are accomplished through the perfection of minor tweets." We start to wonder what Wooden would say about the ex-UCLA star, and current timberwolf, Kevin Love. The guy is off the charts hilarious with his minor thoughts.

Behold the ten that crack our twit up:

10. "Napoleon, dont be mad cause ive been chatting online with babes all day" haha Kip from Napoleon Dynamite, movie is on, cant stop watching??
1:29 PM Jun 27th from web

9. David Stern...go get some Zzzzzzzz's
7:24 PM Jun 25th from web

8. you can always tell when stern is going to call a foreign players name cause he looks at the card like WTF?????
7:26 PM Jun 25th from web

7. what are we doing????????????????? omg we better trade....what are we doing??????????? i dont even know
6:19 PM Jun 25th from web

6.I can have Rubio wanting to join our Olympic team...better yet I will have him singing "I wish they all could be californiaaaaa girrrrrlls"
11:30 AM Jun 26th from web

5.Also much love to the Spanish females...I just grew up in western North America. You can help too
11:37 AM Jun 26th from web

4.RIP Billy Mays, I did an infomercial (embarrassing) this year, I send my best to his family. I will be using my Sham Wow to dry the tears :(
about 8 hours ago from web

3.and OOPS on the Sham Wow, didnt know people thanks for filling me in....IGNORANCE=Kevin Love
about 7 hours ago from web

2. How do I say, Ricky please come to Minnesota, play PG for us PLEASE? AND has anyone ever told you that you sound like the lucky charms guy?
4:01 PM Jun 27th from web

1.Imagine his assists are the cereal and we all want his lucky charms
4:04 PM Jun 27th from web