Kevin Love's response to reporter's non-question is classic [VIDEO]

K-Love followed up another beastly performance with a meme-worthy <a href="" target="_blank">"not impressed" face</a>.

K-Love followed up another beastly performance with a meme-worthy "not impressed" face.

Though their performance was inspiring, the Timberwolves lost last night in heartbreaking fashion on the road to the Los Angeles Clippers, a team widely expected to be one of the best in the Western Conference this season.

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Down 109-107 with about seven seconds left, Kevin Love's last-gasp attempt to tie the game literally came up centimeters short. As the final horn sounded on an extremely entertaining game, all Kevin could do was put his hands on his head, smile, look at his coaches and say, "My bad."

Here's video of that last sequence and its aftermath:

During his media availability following the game, a reporter complimented K-Love and his teammates for at least keeping hope alive by getting two offensive rebounds during that fateful final possession. Thing is, reporter guy didn't twist his comment into any sort of question, which resulted in this awkward exchange:

Kudos to K-Love for not playing along, as his response ended up being much more entertaining than it would've been had he gone the typical one-sports-cliche-after-another route.

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