Kevin Love's no-good-very-bad Octobers: Injured at his condo, on the court, sleeping [UPDATE]

Wolves fans are not K-Loving yesterday's news.
Wolves fans are not K-Loving yesterday's news.

October has got to be Kevin Love's least-favorite month at this point.

FROM TUESDAY: Kevin Love is injured while sleeping

On October 16, 2009, Love broke the fourth metacarpal bone in his left hand during a preseason game, causing him to miss the first 18 games of the season (the Wolves stood at a dreadful 1-17 upon his return). Yesterday, almost three years to the day later, he broke the third and fourth metacarpals on his right (shooting) hand while working out in his Minneapolis condo and will again miss the first 15-20 games of the season.

Wednesday's serious injury comes on the heels of last week's laughable K-Love ailment -- he slept awkwardly on his arm and woke up unable to shoot a basketball, causing him to miss the Wolves' first preseason home game. Turns out it would've been best had those symptoms persisted for a few more days, leaving him unable to lift weights or do whatever he was doing at home when he broke his hand (those details haven't been reported [see update below]).

In any event, K-Love's injury is a cruel blow to a downtrodden franchise and fanbase hoping to return to the postseason this spring for the first time in nine years. Owner Glen Taylor, interviewed during halftime of the Lynx's WNBA Finals game-two victory last night, said his first thought upon hearing news of the injury was, "Why us?" That seems about right.

One of the few silver linings is that Kevin's absence will give second-year forward Derrick Williams a chance to demonstrate how much he's improved this summer. Williams, the second overall pick in the 2011 draft, impressed with his dunking ability last season, but didn't do much more. He lost weight this summer in hopes of playing more small forward this season alongside K-Love, but will probably be asked to mostly revert back to the 4 until Kevin's hand is healed.

The additions of Andrei Kirilenko and Dante Cunningham will also help the Wolves deal with K-Love loss, but still -- there's no way to replace one of the NBA's top ten players, epic back tattoo or no.

Since he can't seem to exercise or even sleep in October without getting injured, maybe Glen can spend a few of his millions to cryogenically freeze K-Love next October, then thaw him out in time for the regular season?

:: UPDATE, 1:00 p.m. ::

K-Love broke his hand doing knuckle pushups with personal trainer Rob McClanaghan, the Star Tribune's Jerry Zgoda reports. What a badass!

No surgery will be required, but his timetable for recovery remains six to eight weeks.

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