Kevin Love was the NBA's best player in February [VIDEOS]

Step aside, LeBron, and eat your heart out, Durant. Because this month, Minneapolis has been home to the best basketball player in the world.

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In February, Kevin Love averaged an otherworldly 34 points (that's a franchise record for an individual month), 14 rebounds, and four assists per game, while shooting 41 percent from three-point land. And last night, K-Love came within an assist of notching his second career triple-double (the first happened last Saturday night in Utah), putting up a ridiculous 33-13-9 during a must-win contest in Phoenix (the Wolves prevailed 110-101).

To put that in perspective, we bring you this tweet from ESPN's Tom Haberstroh (for more on the brilliant statistic that is Player Efficiency Rating, click here):

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Want video proof of how awesome K-Love has been? Here's highlights of his performance last night in the desert:

And here's another clip of the triple-double he put up in Utah (both videos are produced by the always amazing Dawk Ins):

Put it all together and we'd expect K-Love's first-ever Western Conference Player of the Month Award to be in his short-term future.

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