Kevin Love wants you to know Michael Beasley loves Spongebob

Kevin Love dishes.

Kevin Love dishes.

Give a jock a blog and watch keen insight general hilarity ensue.

That must have been what the editors at GQ were thinking when they handed the Timberwolves' Kevin Love the keys to "Love Will Tear Us Apart." Go on, they said, give us a peak behind the curtain.


Love spread the drapes wide. Let's hope his teammates have a sense of humor, especially when he's calling them "clowns and idiots."

On Michael Beasley:

When our team trainers are giving us our vitamins--Vitamin D, all that kind of stuff--he's like "Oh, no, I'm not eating that. I gotta have Flinstones vitamins." He's that kind of guy. He still loves Spongebob Squarepants.

On Wes Johnson:

He's quiet, and it's the quiet ones you've gotta keep an eye on. He instigates on and off the court. During games, he's the guy looking at the other bench, going, "I'm gonna kill this motherfucker."

On Luke Ridnour:

He's been on some teams that didn't do well, so he knows how to handle it all. He'll be the vocal guy on the court and lead by example. At the same time, though, he's a laid back guy, and he fits right in with the rest of us clowns and idiots.

Spreading the love. That's our Kevin. Let's see if he can walk the talk tonight when the Timberwolves usher in the season, playing the Sacramento Kings.