Kevin Love Twitter feed makes headlines

Kevin Love Twitter feed makes headlines

Well, according to Kevin Love, his Twitter feed is a jackpot for writers. After breaking news of  Kevin McHale getting canned, it's partially true. Now, K-Love is twittering away about news regarding his own future with the Timberwolves. Will the offensive rebounding machine stay in Minneapolis? Let the answer come from the source.

From K-love himself:

met with our new GM David Kahn, straight shooter...really wants to win and win now. Wasn't mad at my tweet, he wants me to more often.11:49 AM Jun 22nd from web regards to what the wolves will look like next year? Well, I just don't know the answer to that. Wait until NBA draft 09 people11:50 AM Jun 22nd from web

Personally I do not think I'm going to be traded...99% sure. But I will leave that 1% up in the air. I've heard the Memphis rumors, blahblahabout 15 hours ago from web

I could tweet a ridiculous trade and make it a "rumor" and it would most likely make headlines...don't believe everything you hearabout 15 hours ago from web

going back to LA today from Minnesota...had a great time out here, hopefully I will be back...if you get what I'm saying....about 2 hours ago from web

K-love. Your lack of hazelnuts this season made many question your value to the team. The critics, like Ruesse, accused you of being a badass during junk time. Many would like to see you traded in some far end hope of the T-Wolves landing Blake Griffin. Chances of that are slim. And why haven't you brought over some fancy hanging flower baskets from the titular Lake Oswego? The Target Center could use some love.

Anyhow... Enjoy the US versus Spain match. I know you are watching it because I read your tweet.

(photo courtesy of T-wolves PR. Unfortunately, Love's cleaning ability didn't win rookie of the year.)

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