Kevin Love to introduce K-Love the octopus tomorrow at MoA


Three-point shootout champion? Two-time NBA All-Star and MVP candidate? That's all well and good, but only now has Kevin Love really hit the big time -- yesterday, the Sea Life Minnesota Aquarium at Mall of America announced it has named an octopus after him.

The real K-Love and the mollusc K-Love will come face to tentacle tomorrow, as real K-Love is scheduled to release octopus K-Love into the aquarium during a special event at the MoA at 3:30 p.m.

But here's the real question -- why an octopus rather than a shark, eel, or turtle?

In a press release, here's what Sea Life Aquarium staff had to say about that:

Would you want to be the namesake for something this ugly?
Would you want to be the namesake for something this ugly?

Both the octopus, K-Love, and Kevin Love have excellent grabbing ability - one to grab boards, the other mainly grabs food. An octopus is also one of the smartest animals in the sea, while Kevin is surely one of the smartest on the court. Lastly, both Kevin and K-Love will be making Minnesota proud for many years to come.

An octopus making Minnesota proud for years to come? We have our doubts. But if the real K-Love can teach his suction-cup bedazzled cephalopod friend a box-out technique or two, K-Love the octopus should at least be able to dominate the aquarium for the foreseeable future.

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