Kevin Hart Almost Beat Adrian Peterson in a 40-Yard Dash [VIDEO]

Is comedian Kevin Hart really damn fast or did Adrian Peterson lose a step or two during his suspension?

Last Wednesday AP attended Hart's standup tour in Austin, Tex. and later that night the two squared off in a sprint down the middle of the road. See also: Vikings Banish Adrian Peterson: Top Tweets

(NSFW language)

To be fair, it looks like Peterson stumbles out of the gate before turning on the jets and cruising past Hart.

Hart, who's maybe a shade over five feet tall, is a pretty good athlete. He's won the NBA Celebrity All-Star Game MVP twice by relentlessly chucking and trash-talking the entire game. Actually, his game shares a lot of similarities with former Timberwolves player JJ Barea.

Peterson was a pretty good sport about the contest, tweeting the next day that he'd spot Hart 10 yards in their next race.

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