Kevin Burkart will jump out of perfectly good airplane 200 times [Video]

Kevin Burkart doing his thing

Kevin Burkart doing his thing

A couple of years ago, Kevin Burkart completed 100 skydives in one day to raise $40,000 for Parkinson's Disease. But no, that wasn't enough. So tomorrow, June 16th 2010, Burkart's doubling down: He plans to make 200 -- that's right, 200 -- skydives for the same cause.

And the cause is personal. Burkhart's dad was diagnosed with Parkinson's in 1999, just before he was supposed to ease into a life of retirement.

And thus began their journey with Parkinson's Disease, with its medications, side effects, frustrations, lifestyle changes and depression, Burkhart says on his website.

As a way to gauge motor skills on his first visit to the Struthers Parkinson Center in Golden Valley in 2000, the staff asked him to write a sentence.

"Parkinson's sucks," he wrote.

The attempt will be staged from Skydive Twin Cities in Baldwin, west of Hudson on I-94 in Wisconsin. The goal is to raise $60,000.

Here's video of the 100-jumps day: