Kevin and Susan Thompson admit to sex abuse and imprisonment

Back in December we brought you the sordid tale of Kevin and Susan Thompson, who were charged with imprisoning and sexually abusing a man with whom Susan had been having an affair.

Kevin, 52, has now pleaded guilty to felony charges of kidnapping, second-degree assault, terroristic threats, false imprisonment and criminal sexual conduct. Susan, 40, pleaded guilty to charges of criminal sexual conduct, kidnapping and false imprisonment.

Susan had been having an affair behind Kevin's back and demanded that her lover come over to her house near Highway 61 outside Grand Marais one day in May last year. When he balked, Susan threatened to tell her husband, who she said would seek revenge by "peeling off his face or killing" the lover.

So the lover stops by. He's in the middle of undressing with the husband comes home and the situation moves from weird to porn-grade bizarre.

Susan had in fact lured the man to their home at Kevin's suggestion, the two testified.

Armed with a crowbar, a knife, and a gun in his belt, Kevin tied up the hapless lover with duct tape and electric cord. Then he tied up his wife, too. And for eight or nine hours he presides over a physical and mental torture session that includes forcing the man to have sex with his wife.

At one point she asked for a sex toy.

And at another point, "Thompson threatened to disembowel the alleged victim with a crowbar and suggested he might anesthetize him, cut open his skull and feed him his own brain."

Kevin and Susan Thompson will be sentenced on July 7.

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