Kersten defends the ugly


Ugly people just don't get a break. At least the Star Tribune's Katherine Kersten is on their side.

From Kersten's post:

Ugliness is gaining new cachet as a legitimate subject for study by academics. Recent research proves that ugliness results in lower pay across a range of occupations, even those where employees work in isolation, reports the New York Times. This earnings gap ranges anywhere from five to ten percent, according to another study.

Can lawyers and lawsuits be far behind? Washington, San Francisco and Santa Cruz, Calif., are leading the charge by banning discrimination against ugly people, the Times tells us. And there’s been at least one successful lawsuit, involving “a Vermont chambermaid who was missing her front teeth.”

Kersten imagines a world where the ugly will have to stand up and proclaim their horrid looks in court while the jury points and laughs. The horror!

Are ugly Minnesotans discriminated against? How can anyone prove their ugliness led to a smaller salary or a job offer? And what would dumb attractive people do if they couldn't get jobs based on their hot bods?