Kerry Gauthier sex scandal: Are these his oral sex-seeking Craigslist posts?

Whoever posted a string of oral sex-seeking Craigslist ads in the days leading up to July 22 is the same age and size as Rep. Gauthier.
Whoever posted a string of oral sex-seeking Craigslist ads in the days leading up to July 22 is the same age and size as Rep. Gauthier.

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Rep. Kerry Gauthier, D-Duluth, used Craigslist to meet the 17-year-old he allegedly had oral sex with in the woods around the Thompson Hill rest stop the night of Sunday, July 22.

Gauthier told police he had never met someone for anonymous oral sex at a rest stop before and said "it was never going to happen again." But three "casual encounters" Duluth Craigslist posts from July 20, July 21, and the day of July 22 suggest the openly gay first-term legislator may have been persistently perusing Craigslist throughout that weekend in hopes of finding an oral sex partner.

Gauthier, 56, is about 5'10" tall and just under 200 pounds, according to a source. He lives in Duluth. The three Craigslist casual encounter ads were posted by a 56-year-old man who describes himself as 5'10", 175 pounds. Two of them list the poster's location as Duluth/Superior, with the third from Superior.

All three posts seek only oral sex and specify that the poster doesn't like anal sex; Gauthier, according to police, had oral sex with the boy at the rest stop but stopped short of anal.

The first of the three posts, entitled "Too hot at the sauna," was published July 20 at 5:14 p.m. It says: "I enjoy spending time at the Duluth Sauna, and the M2M fun that goes with it, but with the warm weather it is just too hot there. Would really like to find someone that would like to host for some other types of hot fun... I enjoy oral, both giving and receiving, with 69 being a favorite or maybe you just feeding me your hard cock."

"Poppers are almost a must and I'm not into anything anal at all," the post continues, promising respondents a picture if they send him one first.

Around noon on July 21, the 56-year-old man followed up with another post entitled "sauna." This one features a picture of the man's semi-erect penis (click to the next page for a censored version) and says: "The weather is way too warm to be spending time at the sauna. Does anyone have any other ideas." Like the July 20 post, this one specifies a preference for oral and a fondness for poppers, which are alkyl nitrites often inhaled with the goal of enhancing sexual pleasure.

Finally, just a handful of hours before Gauthier met up with the 17-year-old on July 22, the 56-year-old man posted his third personal ad of the weekend, this one entitled, "Is it really this hard?"

"It can't be this hard to find a gl man, somewhat near my age, that would like be the host and have me suck his cock to completion. I do swallow so there wouldn't even be a mess to clean up afterward. If you would like to return the favor, that would be just grand," it says, before providing the poster's by-now-familiar description.

While whoever posted the Craigslist ads in question matches Gauthier's age and size, it should be noted that, according to police, Gauthier shaved years off his age and told the 17-year-old boy he was 43 in the post that culminated in the fateful rest-stop rendezvous.

On the other hand, the string of Craigslist posts from the 56-year-old man comes to an abrupt halt after the rest stop incident involving Gauthier and the boy. 

Gauthier didn't respond to a City Pages email seeking comment about the Craigslist posts.

Click to page two for screengrabs of the personal ads.


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