Kenneth Kratz will resign as the sexting DA

Kenneth Kratz, his long career as district attorney career in a shambles after admitting to sexting a domestic abuse victim, has apparently bowed to the inevitable. His attorney says he will resign.

The news may spare Kratz what surely would have been well-deserved humiliation in hearings exposing his awesomely bad judgment before tossing him from office. But for now, those hearings are scheduled to proceed.

Since the news broke a few weeks ago that Kratz sexted Stephanie Van Groll in October 2009 while prosecuting her boyfriend for trying to kill her, four other women have come forward to say he tried to start affairs with them as well. Wis. Gov. Jim Doyle launched a formal effort to kick Kratz out of office last week.

Sadly, he'll probably get to keep his BlackBerry, or whatever smart phone he uses to tell women half his age that they're hot nymphs.

But at least those texts won't come from the DA's office anymore. He'll just be a civilian douchebag.

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