Kenneth Betterton touts leadership and crumbles in a drunken mess

If you're going to set yourself up as a guy who can motivate cops to strengthen their leadership skills, best not end up in a drunken belligerent rage telling a cop to call "1-800-eat my a**" when he's trying to help you get yourself under control.

That's the situation Kenneth Betterton found himself in not long ago, after boozing it up at Schumacher's Hotel & Grill in New Prague with enough gusto that an employee there dialed 911 out of worry the guy would try and drive himself home. Betterton ended up on the grass outside the restaurant, "flat on his back."

An officer who knew Betterton asked if he had his wife's phone number so he could call her and get her to come and take Betterton home.

Here's what happened next, according to the Mankato Free Press:

Betterton allegedly responded by saying, "Yeah. 1-800-eat my a**." That officer, Tim Applen, took Betterton to St. Peter so he could be turned over to a transport crew from New Ulm's detoxification center. It was at the St. Peter Police Department that Betterton, who is a former Utah state trooper commander himself, allegedly implied the officer could lose his job for taking him to detox.

Interesting behavior for a guy who bills himself this way:

As a former U.S. Marine and state police officer, Ken has acquired the perspective and judgment enabling him to motivate and inspire federal, state, and local law enforcement officials, showing them how to strengthen their leadership skills through his signature training programs.

And then there's this: Betteron's wife is State Patrol Capt. Lori Hodapp-Betterton. She evidently left the restaurant before Betterton got out of control.

Betterton was issued a disorderly conduct citation for his behavior.

"Extricating yourself from a really embarrassing situation" does not seem to be among the speaking topics he promotes on his website.

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