Kenneth Betterton quits New Prague post after "1-800-eat my a**" rant

Kenneth Betterton, the New Prague City Councilman who told a cop to call "1-800-eat my a**" during a drunken rant last week, has quit his post. It's probably just as well. Besides bringing a heap pf bad headlines to the city he represented, he managed to make his career as professional speaker on leadership look downright foolish.

"This is my problem, not the fault or responsibility of others," he said in a resignation letter. "I will address my personal shortcomings and become a strong person."

Here's how he touts himself on his website.

As a former U.S. Marine and state police officer, Ken has acquired the perspective and judgment enabling him to motivate and inspire federal, state, and local law enforcement officials, showing them how to strengthen their leadership skills through his signature training programs.

The lubricated run-in with New Prague's finest happened a few weeks ago when Betterton got loaded and lit into officers dispatched to prevent him from getting behind the wheel of his car. Digging deep for perspective and judgment, he came up with the "1-800-eat my a**" line while on his knees in the grass outside the restaurant. And that was before he told the officer carting him off to detox that he'd see to it the officer lost his job.

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