Keng Yang, Hapless Burglar, Gets Broken Leg and Felony Charges From Weed Heist

Instant karma

Instant karma

According to the Ramsey County attorney, last April 44-year-old Keng Yang broke into an apartment above the Home Video store at 1984 Stillwater Ave. E. in St. Paul by climbing up a ladder and ducking through an unlocked window.

Once inside, he found several garbage bags full of weed. As he lugged one of the heavy bags back out of the window someone yelled at him, causing him to lose his balance and tumble to the ground below.

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Someone saw Yang fall and called the St. Paul police, who arrived at the scene a little before 2 a.m. They discovered Yang sitting on the sidewalk with a big cut above his eye and a broken femur, surrounded by garbage bags full of vacuum-sealed packs of marijuana.

Yang pointed at the bags and told cops, "I stole that," later admitting "that what he did was dumb and crazy, but he said he was poor and needed the money."

Back inside the apartment, cops discovered $6,900 in cash and more bags of weed. A spokesman for the Ramsey County Attorney's Office said yesterday that they held off on charging Yang for so long because investigators were trying to track down the owner of all that weed and cash.

The owner, quite naturally, was not eager to claim his lost possessions.

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