Kelly Ripa swoons over giant Wisconsin pumpkin

Oh, Reeg!
Oh, Reeg!

It takes something truly weird and shocking to draw the attention of your average jaded New Yorker, but Chris and Amy Stevens may have found that something.

The Richmond, Wis., couple drove through Midtown Manhattan the other day with a 1,800 pound pumpkin -- the world's largest -- riding in the back of a Dodge pickup truck. Destination: "Live with Regis and Kelly."

It's hard to tell from the tape, but we're pretty sure Chris was blushing as Kelly Ripa pawed the giant gourd.

"You gotta see the backside of this Pumpkin, Regis. Come duck down here," she gushed. "You can put your hand up in there."

After the show, the Stevens' pumpkin is headed for the more staid environs of the New York Botanical Gardens. It has an appointment the day before Halloween with a pro Jack o' Lantern carver named Scott Cully, of Eugene, Ore.

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