Kelliher, Dayton stiff Floodwood 3rd-graders' schoolyard face-off

A class of ambitious third-graders has invited candidates running in the 2010 Minnesota governor's race to debate Friday at their school in Floodwood, Minn.

Floodwood is a small town northwest of Duluth. While it's probably not a scheduled stop on most candidates' campaign trails, a couple have already signed on. In fact, DFL candidate Matt Entenza seems ecstatic about making the trip.

"I think it's wonderful that the Floodwood third-grade class thought to invite candidates to talk to them. I'm not sure I could even spell 'governor' when I was their age," he said in a statement. "So it warms my heart to know these students already care so much about their state's future."

It sounds like Entenza will be the sole DFLer heading to Floodwood, though -- Mark Dayton and Margaret Anderson Kelliher's campaigns say they won't make it due to scheduling conflicts.

A poll released earlier today placed Dayton at a commanding lead on Entenza and Kelliher, instantly putting the former U.S. Senator's opponents on the defense.

"While I have been at the Capitol standing up to Tim Pawlenty and radical Republicans like Tom Emmer, my opponents have been spending their own personal fortunes to get a head start in this race," says Kelliher in a response statement to the poll.

Maybe a good schoolyard debate is just what these candidates need.

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