Kelliher, Dayton, Entenza, Horner targeted by anti-gay marriage agitators

Anti-gay marriage forces characterize democracy in action as an imposition
Anti-gay marriage forces characterize democracy in action as an imposition

That didn't take long.

The nominating conventions are over. The Legislature has wrapped up business. The November elections are the Next Big Thing on the political calendar. Must be time for out-of-state right wingers to start rattling Minnesota voters over nefarious plans by Democrats (and IPer Tom Horner) to "impose" gay marriage on the populace.

Margaret Anderson Kelliher, Matt Entenza, Mark Dayton and Horner are all targeted in this TV ad (below) from an outfit called the National Organization for Marriage, with just that language. It just started airing in the state.

"Impose" gay marriage, would they? MinnPost's Eric Black points out, each has said they would sign a marriage equality bill -- if they were elected governor, and if such a bill were ever to pass the legislature.

That's hardly an imposition. It's democracy in action.

Republican-endorced gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer says he supports a state constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. He isn't mentioned in the ad.

Meanwhile, as gay folk in Minnesota await their chance to enjoy the same rights as straight folk, they're headed south to Iowa for marriage. According to the Star Tribune, 2,020 gay couples got married in Iowa from April 2009 to March of this year. Of those, 109 couples were from Minnesota.

Here's the NOM ad:

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