Kelliher and DFL fined for violating campaign law


Margaret Anderson Kelliher's campaign for governor and the DFL party are getting a $24,000 slap on the wrist.

In November, Kelliher accepted donations that had been made to the DFL party but intended for her. The money was used to pay for Kelliher's access to a voter database.

It's illegal to earmark party funds for a specific candidate, but Kelliher says she got bad advice from a DFL Party officials, who later realized their error. A GOP complaint was filed with the state's campaign finance board. The board fined Kelliher $9,000 and the DFL Party $15,000. Here's what she had to say about it, from Minnesota Public Radio:

"We've corrected everything that we could do to correct that mistake and we obviously knew that we were going to face a consequence by the Campaign Finance Board," she said. "I accept that consequence. We've paid our fine and we made sure there was a new system in place so we don't have anything like this happen again."