Keith Olbermann vs. Jesse Ventura

Hating on Jesse Ventura
Hating on Jesse Ventura

Keith Olbermann lashed out at Jesse Ventura over remarks the former Minnesota Governor made about his one-time employer, MSNBC.

In a post on DailyKos, Olbermann accuses Ventura of misremembering the circumstances surrounding his time at MSNBC, which Ventura recently claimed tried to shut him up about the Iraq war.

"Jesse is a fantastic guest, an original and lively thinker. But he couldn't host. It didn't work," Olbermann says.

First, here is what Ventura said about MSNBC:

Ventura: They had just hired Phil. Phil was their highest-rated show when they pulled him. Have you ever heard of a network pulling its highest-rated show? Never. And remember, this was at the time that MSNBC was trying to be Fox Lite. They weren't liberal like they are now.

Uygur: Right. So, you know, I remember they put out a story at the time saying that you wanted to do the show from Mexico and that that's why they didn't want to do it.

Ventura: That's a complete lie. All I did was I said the show, I wanted to do the show from Minneapolis because... And my reasoning was this. Not only was it my home and I didn't want to relocate, and I had the power to do it, but second, I told them, look, all these shows take place on the East Coast and the West Coast. Why not get a Midwestern perspective for a change?

Uygur: So, but then what happened there? Because you know, MSNBC...

Ventura: They wouldn't put me on because of my opposition to the Iraq War.

Keith Olbermann vs. Jesse Ventura

And here is the meat of Olbermann's rebuttal:

I'm sorry, Jesse, may be they didn't tell you. Maybe they put out a story about you wanting to do a prohibitively expensive show from Mexico - I remember it as Minneapolis (nearly just as expensive; they did it anyway, recorded the demo shows there). But the shows were dreadful. Jesse is a fantastic guest, an original and lively thinker. But he couldn't host. It didn't work. I remember suggesting getting another guy to start each show, each segment even, and start him off by saying "Governor, whaddya think?" But in the same way that Limbaugh could not translate to tv - just the medium, mind you, not the politics - Jesse couldn't convert from guest to host. I'm hoping they didn't tell him, I'm sorry to have to break it to him and Cenk here, but if they both go demanding investigations of how he was cancelled because he didn't support Iraq, the investigations are going to produce tapes of me from months earlier already not supporting Iraq, and tapes of him not really being able to host television.

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