Keith Olbermann spits up on Michele Bachmann's island invite [VIDEO]

Keith Olbermann's reaction to Michele Bachmann's crush.
Keith Olbermann's reaction to Michele Bachmann's crush.

MSNBC's Keith Olbermann is spitting up at the news that Michele Bachmann said she'd like to be stranded on a desert island with him for a little platonic conversation.

"I'm not often stumped. But I have to admit, she stumped me," he said last night on his "Countdown" show.

The tape rolls in which she's presented with three leftie media options for a desert island companion: Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews or Olbermann. She picks Olbermann.

The camera cuts back to Olbermann.

He spits up on his desk.

Olbermann wipes off his chin and says, "In the spirit of something, I'm game if you are. For the conversation, anyway. We've invited Congresswoman Bachmann onto Countdown at her leisure. I'll bring the sand."


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