Keith Olbermann savages Minnesota Twins marketing department [VIDEO]

Keith Olbermann savages Minnesota Twins marketing department [VIDEO]

According to Keith Olbermann, the Twins marketing department is not only the worst in baseball, but the people who work for it were the absolutely most reprehensible folks in all of sports yesterday.

Olbermann sounded off after the Twins distributed an email that left fans wondering what the hell they're smoking at Target Field.

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We'll let baseball blogger/Uptown lifestyle tweeter Aaron Gleeman explain what the fuss is about:

Olbermann discussed the survey debacle (and dropped Gleeman's name) during his ESPN show last night.

Here's a transcript of Olbermann's savaging:

All those cars [in the survey] run. Given that the Twins last won the World Series in 1991, last finished above .500 in 2010, and were nearly contracted out of existence in 2002, the correct answer [to] which car brand is most similar to the Twins brand is -- no, not a 1908 Morgan three-wheeler -- the Yugo.

Boxy, underpowered, tough to watch, unsuccessful on the road, and not bought by anybody in this country since 1992. The Twins marketing department -- [sarcastically] yeah, the Twins are Lexuses -- today's worst persons in the sports world.

It's hard to argue with any of that, but in the interest of being fair and balanced, here's an awesome GIF of Eduardo Escobar busting some moves during last night's (gasp!) Twins win:

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