Keith Olbermann blames Minnesota man for boring Superbowl media day

That Minnesota man is Larry Fitzgerald Sr.

He is, of course, the father of the stunning Arizona wide receiver who will be losing to the Steelers in the upcoming Superbowl.

You see, Fitzgerald Sr. is a sports reporter, and according to the MSNBC wonk, he schooled his boy from an early age in the art of saying nothing.


Fitzgerald the elder has been the subject of much honking among the media geese lately, mostly because he's a sports writer who happens to have a son who plays sports.

Slate ripped the proud pa a new one, claiming he turned the sports page of the Minnesota Spokesman Reporter into a Facebook celebration of his son. Our local media wonk, David Brauer, weighed in with his thoughts on the controversy here. I agree with his assessment that the stands provide much better company and a better view of the action than does the press box.