Keith Ellison will face GOP-endorsed Joel Demos in November


Is a clash of faiths taking shape in the 5th congressional district this fall, now that Pentecostal minister Joel Demos has won the Republican Party of Minnesota's endorsement to try and unseat DFLer Keith Ellison, the first and only Muslim ever elected to Congress?

"It is official folks: I am now endorsed by the Republican party to kick another incumbent - Keith Ellison - out of office," he says on his via Facebook. "I would like to thank all the delegates for their support, and so many others for helping me get this far. It is time to come together and tear down the stereotypes and strongholds that divide us. We, the people, are unstoppable. Spread the word!"

Although he is assistant pastor at Christian Life Center on Medicine Lake Road, Demos so far appears to be steering clear of religion in the campaign. His campaign Web site and Facebook page make no mention of his pastoral work and instead focus on jobs, taxes and the national debt.

You can listen to some of his sermons here.

The 5th district has been in DFL hands since 1963. Barb White Davis, who ran as a Republican against Ellison in 2008, told Sue Jeffers on KTLK radio recently that she's seeking the Independence Party's endorsement this year to try again. Lawyer Lynn Torgerson is running as an independent -- although not IP -- against Ellison.