Keith Ellison talks to Al Jazeera about Islam, politics and foreign policy


Riz Khan, of Al Jazeera's English channel, recently interviewed the nation's first and only Muslim member of Congress, Rep. Keith Ellison, of Minneapolis. One of the first questions: Do you have to remind people that being Muslim doesn't mean being anti-American?

"I think for my colleagues here in Congress, they're pretty much past it," Ellison replied. "From time to time the blogosphere is busy dwelling on this issue of my religion. And quite frankly there does seem to be a budding industry of people who work night and day to pick at religious tension that might be latent in the country."

It's a softball interview -- not the kind of interview the folks over at Power Line or Lynne Torgerson will be happy about -- but it's a useful reminder of Ellison's political and faith journey. Here's the video: