Keith Ellison takes shot at T-Paw, is kinda-sorta happy Paul Ryan got VP nod

Ellison likes politicians who aren't afraid to shoot straight about what they believe.
Ellison likes politicians who aren't afraid to shoot straight about what they believe.

-- Keith Ellison accuses Tim Pawlenty of drinking "the Kool-Aid"
-- Tim Pawlenty calls a Ground Zero mosque unpatriotic [UPDATED]
-- Pawlenty's website broadcasts cryptic "coming soon" message as VP speculation mounts

We're pretty sure President Obama doesn't have to worry about who Rep. Keith Ellison will cast his ballot for this November, but that doesn't mean the first Muslim elected to Congress doesn't have opinions about GOP politics.

Over the weekend, Ellison, in all seriousness, said he "actually prefer[s]" Mitt Romney's ultimate VP choice, Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan, to another leading contender, former Gov. Tim Pawlenty.

According to MPR, Ellison offered up the following analysis of Mittens' choice:

Paul Ryan is much more upfront about what he believes in. I actually prefer Ryan. I think it allows us to make a clear argument. Pawlenty, he would've tried to emphasize his congeniality and his personality, even though he would've been about the same things.

Using that same don-t-pull-punches-about-what-you-really-believe logic, we imagine Ellison probably would go a step further and say he'd prefer to see Ryan on top of the GOP ticket. After all, isn't Mitt the Picasso of political chameleonism?

Meanwhile, the cryptic "coming soon" message still emblazoned on top of T-Paw's website has shifted from auspicious to straight-up sad... almost as sad as the gamblers who wagered on a Mitt-Pawlenty ticket on Intrade must be in the wake of the Ryan announcement.

And next time you're tempted to make political projections based on Intrade, remember this -- as of July 17, Ryan wasn't even a blip on the VP-race radar. At that time, Pawlenty, with a 27 percent chance of making the ticket, was the top contender, followed by Rep. Rob Portman (R-Ohio), with Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Florida) a distant third. In hindsight, Intraders would've been better off saving their dough for some online poker.

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