Keith Ellison seeks top Progressive Caucus post

Ellison keeps swinging left.

Ellison keeps swinging left.

Regardless of the Election Day teabagger wave, a whole lot of Democrats won re-election to the House of Representatives two weeks ago, sent there by Americans who expect them to fight the Republican tide.

One of those Democrats is 5th district Rep. Keith Ellison. He didn't swing right to win the teabagger vote. He swung left and won in a landslide.


A staunch supporter of health care reform, the federal stimulus (see map below) and other progressive projects, his experience was repeated around the country. Members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, of which he is a vice chair, lost barely a handful of members out of about 80 on Election Day. The Blue Dogs, Democrats who tried to pass as Republicans, were tossed aside by the dozen.

And he keeps swinging left. Ellison notified the CPC in an October letter that he wanted to be one of the group's chairmen. He's already a vice-chair.

Voting, stalled for a couple of weeks, takes place on Wednesday. If he wins, it could mean Minnesota having a chairman of the most left-leaning House caucus sharing a district border with the leader of its polar opposite: Michele Bachmann of CD6, is chair of the House Tea Party Caucus.

Is there a more emblematic demonstration of the ideological divide that separates American suburbanites from their urban neighbors?

Here's Ellison's mash-up map, from his site, promoting Recovery Act projects in CD5:

View Recovery Act Funding for MN-5 in a larger map