Keith Ellison scores Progressive Caucus chairmanship [UPDATE]

Keith Ellison wins another election.

Keith Ellison wins another election.

Rep. Keith Ellison has just won election as a chairman of the Congressional Progressive Caucus.

That means the leader of of one of Congress's most liberal groups now shares a property line of sorts with the chairwoman of one of its most conservative, Rep. Michele Bachmann.

Is it any wonder that outsiders look at politics in Minnesota and think we've lost our minds?


Bachmann, you'll recall, proclaimed herself chairwoman of the Tea Party Caucus over the summer. Ellison earned his spot yesterday next to Rep. Raul Grijalva of Arizona the hard way, by campaigning for it.

Update: Here's part of the statement Ellison and Grijalva released after the vote:

With Republicans promising to scrooge the country out of a secure retirement, our commitment to protect the American middle class will be more important than ever. The American people need effective advocates - in and outside of Washington - to restore their faith in their government's ability and willingness to do the right thing. Over the next two years, Republicans are going to push as hard as they can to cut programs that the American people depend on, like Social Security, and the Progressive Caucus will be out in front reminding them that Congress works for all of the American people, not just the top tax bracket. We stand ready to take on these important fights, and intend to win them decisively. America deserves no less.

Lest you think the Progressive Caucus represents a dying breed of liberalism in the House, it's worth remembering that the CPC lost barely a handful of members out of about 80 on Election Day. The Blue Dogs, Democrats who tried to pass as Republicans, were tossed aside by the dozen.