Keith Ellison rolls to re-election

Ellison swept his opponents off the map

Ellison swept his opponents off the map

Keith Ellison is going back to Congress. The 5th District incumbent dispatched his Republican challenger, newcomer Joel Demos, with such a wide margin of victory that you might consider it poor sportsmanship: 67-24 percent.

Since Ellison is the first Muslim ever elected to Congress, it isn't too surprising that this race had more than it's fair share of bigoted overtones. Some came from an also-ran independent challenger, others came from the loony right.


Tea Party Nation leader Judson Phillips said Ellison should be kicked out of Congress for being Muslim. And Lynne Torgerson proclaimed that Islam promotes criminal behavior. Great.

But Joel Demos, the only real challenger in the race, was a class act. A Pentecostal minister, he steered clear of attacking Ellison for his faith, sticking to the Republican narrative of decrying too much government spending. 

Plus, he had those cute ads, where he was dragging a monster truck representing the national debt, and his adorable toddlers worked jobs to pay off the national debt.