Keith Ellison rates a "Most Wanted" in teabagger card deck

Keith Ellison, Nancy Pelosi and John McCain are among the "Most Wanted"
Keith Ellison, Nancy Pelosi and John McCain are among the "Most Wanted"

Looks like Rep. Keith Ellison's in trouble with some self-described constitutional experts at something called the Shenandoah Valley Tea Party Patriots in Virginia.

He's one of 54 members of Congress, "Republicans and Democrats alike, who have betrayed the American traditions of individual liberty and personal responsibility" by voting for "TARP, the Stimulus Bill, socialized healthcare and Cap and Trade."

All neatly packaged into a playing card deck being flogged off to -- surprise -- raise money "to secure America's God-given liberties for generations to come."

This particular band of teabaggin' crazies also sound like a bunch of chicken hawks. After telling its supporters to use the website to locate "your dirty politician's mailing address," and then directing them to sign the card and drop it in the mail with an Election Day threat, it says, "Suggestion: you may want to refrain from writing your return address on the envelope."

That's right. Keep the threats anonymous. The same tactic used by some other classy patriots who anonymously smeared Ellison as a "sambo" and mailed Betty McCollum a condom after the health care vote.

Hat tip: MinnIndy.

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