Keith Ellison is poor


Rep. Keith Ellison feels your pain. Okay, so he isn't exactly in danger of bankruptcy, but an analysis done by the Center for Responsive Politics reveals him to be one of the poorest congressmen in the country.

Analyzing myriad disclosure forms--required from all members of Congress--the Center for Responsive Politics puts Ellison at 514th out of 538 U.S. Congress(wo)men in terms of personal wealth.

Pinning down a politician's net worth isn't an exact science, so the Center puts forth maximum and minimum estimates. His minimum net worth is negative $48,993, his max is plus $5,999. His average estimate is negative $21497. In other words, while there's a slight chance Ellison in the black, he's most likely slightly in the red.

Not that this should bother Ellison... at least not from a purely political standpoint. The DFLer has always strived to cultivate somewhat of a man-of-the-people vibe, and a modest net worth only bolsters a politician's populist bona fides.

In case you're curious, Al Franken is Minnesota's wealthiest congressman with an average estimated range of just over $6 million.

 Hat tip: Polinaut