Keith Ellison fears anti-Muslim McCarthyism: Comment of the day

Being the first Muslim elected to Congress, Keith Ellison is understandably touchy about New York Rep. Peter King threatening to launch hearings that carry the promise of McCarthyism attacks on Islam.

Some of our readers agreed with him.

"Tag11510" didn't:

Frank and Anthonasty

Double reply, gentlemen. Anthony, agreed that there is a radical evangelical Christian element is our society, some of whom are violent. That being many of them are internationally funded, organized into armed combat cells, target one sovereign nation (not a govt agency/dept or private group such as a congregation/civil liberties org) and are as determined (indeed successful), especially in the art of multi-member suicidal missions which is no easy training nut. Is there enough hate to go around? Yes...but at the end of the day....who's the most formidable threat? There is a reason that top international intelligence agencies are constantly on their alert.

Frank - was it not an attack? Regardless of his success, do you deny his motive? He was just an example and a pathetic wannabe...others could be sited, based on their recent arrests internationally.

And this is my point to both of you. No one is accusing ANY ONE RELIGION of organized jihad. But jihad it is...and it is currently the most serious threat. Denying it contradicts all intl law enforcement agencies.

What is the problem with demanding that "prominent" Muslin clerics (in the US) agree with that? If they don't...nobody will tar/feather them or blacklist them from a job. But at least a communication issue is addressed. And, as far as "prominent Christain leaders" being held to the same fire, I'm all for it. Problem is....the radicals in that tribe haven't racked up a fraction as many body counts and vowed double. Again, that little pesky little "international" aspect here.

Thanks for the replies and have happy holidays, both of you.

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