Keith Ellison: Don't expect conservatives to thank Obama for ousting Qaddafi [VIDEO]

Keith Ellison is not waiting for a "Thank you" note.

Keith Ellison is not waiting for a "Thank you" note.

It looks like Muammar Qaddafi's torturous, four-decade reign in Libya is coming to an explosive end. With the tide turning against Qaddafi and the rebel fighters now entering Tripoli, Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison wishes Barack Obama's lay-low, smoke-'em-out policy would get a little credit.

But he's not going to hold his breath. Last night on "Countdown with Keith Olbermann," Ellison thought he knew why Republicans won't give a nod to Obama's strategy, which let NATO bombers do the heavy  lifting against Qaddafi's mercenaries while the rebels gained ground.

Olbermann asked how Republican Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham could give credit to NATO, and not the United States.

"Because of absolute unmitigated gall," Ellison said, laughing. "And the assumption that all of us have amnesia."


"I mean," he went on, "this is just an absurdity. NATO doesn't function without the United States -- the United States began the sorties there.

"How McCain and Graham can sit back and sort of say that the United States and President Obama did not contribute to the fall of Qaddafi is an absurdity, plainly on its face."

In Ellison's thinking, Republicans don't want to chalk up either Osama bin Laden's nor Qaddafi's (pending) scalp to Obama's decision making for political reasons. Ellison said he expects Republicans to ignore these foreign policy victories, and say what they need to get elected in 2012.

"They will simply make it up, they will simply declare themselves the defenders of the American people, all facts to the contrary," Ellison said.

Wait a minute, Mr. Ellison. Are you saying potential GOP presidential candidate Michele Bachmann is capable of distorting the facts, and ignoring reality? Heresy!