Keith Ellison backs off Anthony Weiner endorsement in wake of new sexting revelations

For Ellison, two sexting scandals might be one too many.
For Ellison, two sexting scandals might be one too many.

In April, Keith Ellison became the first politician of significance to endorse Anthony Weiner's bid to become New York City mayor.

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"Anthony's a good guy in my opinion," Ellison said during a TV appearance. "Anthony was a great congressman, in my opinion. And he's dealt with his issues and everybody has issues. So I'd love to see Anthony Weiner be mayor of New York. I hereby endorse Anthony."

That, of course, was well before it became public knowledge that Weiner, using the name "Carlos Danger," had engaged in another raunchy sexting relationship with a young woman even after he resigned from Congress in disgrace in June 2011 thanks to his first sexting scandal.

This week, as new photos of Weiner's weiner circulated around the internet (see them here -- warning, NSFW), Ellison backed off his endorsement.

"The people of New York will decide if Anthony Weiner is qualified to be mayor of their city," Ellison told CBS on Wednesday. "I lent my verbal support to Anthony Weiner based on the work he did for working families while in Congress."

Well, it's good to know Ellison "lent" his "verbal support" based on Weiner's congressional record. Because other than that, it doesn't seem like there's much to like about the guy... or his anatomy.

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