Keith Ammons charged with shooting ex-girlfriend eight times; victim survived, but paralyzed

Keith Ammons only stopped shooting when the gun jammed.

Keith Ammons only stopped shooting when the gun jammed.

Keith Ammons's ex-girlfriend had a date on Monday night. Because Ammons couldn't handle that reality, he has a court date -- and she will probably spend the rest of her life in a wheelchair.

The Hennepin County Attorney's Office filed four felony charges against Ammons for the shooting spree he went on, which was witnessed by the woman's 14-year-old daughter. Ammons and his victim had been together for more than a dozen years, before a recent separation. The two of them were still living together, but Ammons apparently hadn't moved on.

When he found she'd gone on a date, Ammons pulled a gun on his ex-girlfriend and shot, over and over, only stopping when the gun finally jammed on him.


By the end of it, the woman had eight gunshot wounds, most of them to her torso. Amazingly, she's survived the rampage, and police found her responsive and able to speak to them when they arrived.

The woman's daughter told police she and her mother were huddled in the bedroom, knowing that Ammons was angry, when he kicked in the door and told the daughter to get out of the way. The woman's daughter fled the house for a neighbor's as gunshots rang out behind her.

Ammons's victim was shot eight times, with bullets hitting her spleen and bowels. Another damaged her spinal cord, which will likely result in permanent paralysis, according to the complaint.

Ammons faces one charge of first-degree attempted murder, and another for second-degree murder; those crimes carry maximum sentences of a half-life sentence and 40 years in prison, respectively. He's also charged with first-degree assault and prohibited possession of a firearm.