Keillor gives pep talk, Gophers crush? More please

He's here to pump you up

He's here to pump you up

Whoa. How in the heck did we miss this? Not only did The Bard of Anoka serve as one of the grand marshals for the Gopher's 2009 homecoming parade (we knew that part) but Garrison Keillor also gave a pep talk to the football team the night before the big win against Purdue.

"I was there to do a pep rally the night before the Purdue game," Keillor told the San Jose Mercury News. "I gave a pep speech, which was an odd pep speech because it was mostly about growing up in Minnesota with an inferiority complex. Anyway, they went out and beat Purdue the next day, so I guess it was worth something."

No disrespect intended at all here, Mr. Keillor, but we figured rah-rah football pep talks were a little more blood-and-guts than Powdermilk Biscuits (tasty though they are). I guess we thought wrong.

Maybe Keillor should suit up as Goldie for this weekend's game against South Dakota State. That could make for an awesome story in the next pledge drive.