KDWB's Dave Ryan says dickish behavior was 'a joke,' doesn't know how jokes work

Dave Ryan isn't rude. He's just unfunny.

Dave Ryan isn't rude. He's just unfunny.

Dave Ryan is not a dick to waitresses.

Ryan said as much on Wednesday morning, telling his radio show listeners that the video we -- and, curiously, by KDWB itself -- posted yesterday was "a joke," and that it's kind of your fault if you didn't "get it." 

Now that that's explained, can someone please explain to Dave Ryan how jokes work?

Here are the rules of jokes:

  1. A joke should be funny. 
  2. It should... nope, that's it. 

The original video has since been set to "private," meaning it's effectively disappeared from the internet. To rehash: Ryan is seen talking down to a server at a restaurant, asking if she likes her job, and gets paid for it. As we wrote then, the fact it was KDWB that published the video created the "bizarre possibility the whole thing was a set-up."

Confirmed: This morning, the show's Youtube channel unveiled the "FULL VIDEO" of Dave "caught yelling at server." Turns out at the end, after supposedly berating the young woman, Ryan stands up and says, "Know what I want to do? I wanna... dance!"

And then they all start dancing to Justin Timberlake.

Yes, we "fell for it." Now can someone please tell us what the hell "it" is?

Then again, comedy's hard. Remember when the comedians of the Dave Ryan Show thought it would be funny to do a parody song making fun of Hmong people? And then had to spend a long time apologizing?

This "joke" is a lot safer. And not much funnier. 



"We feel a little bit dumb," Ryan said on the air Wednesday morning. Unfortunately that sentence wasn't over: "...because, making a joke about one thing, bringing your friend and saying, 'Hey, guess what? The boss canceled your vacation,' well that's one thing. If you tell somebody the person they've listened to on the radio for the last 23 years is a total jerk and has been hiding it all this time, that's a different story."

At another point, Ryan explained: "Our idea was to get you to laugh, and get you to go 'What?! Ohhhh, ok, I get it.'"

He's got the "what" part right.